Peter & Phil’s Courageous Conversations

A phone call, prompted by George Floyd’s death, brings two veterinarians from two different races together to discuss their perspectives on pivotal issues affecting America today. Join Peter and Phil’s Courageous Conversations Podcast – then start a courageous conversation of your own!:

Peter & Phil’s Courageous Conversations

Two friends. One cause. Several courageous conversations.

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Mental Health in Vet Medicine : An Interview with Dr. Andrew Maccabe, Director of AAVMC, Part 2 Peter & Phil's Courageous Conversations

Peter and Phil welcome back Dr. Andrew Maccabe, Director of AAVMC. The importance of one's mental health has become a national discussion, but just how important is it to make sure we have a conversation around it specifically in the Vet Med profession? Join us in today's episode as we discuss! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Mental Health in Vet Medicine : An Interview with Dr. Andrew Maccabe, Director of AAVMC, Part 2
  2. Part 1: Interview with Dr. Andrew Maccabe, Director of AAVMC on Diversity in Vet Medicine
  3. The Loudest Voices
  4. The Abandonment of Fair Play
  5. Tenure & Term Limits


The Denial of America’s Dark Past

Summary Peter and Phil discuss the decline in movie-going, due to the uptick of streaming services.  When the conversation turns into recent documentaries, Phil shares one he saw on Indian children being separated from their families and abused in schools meant to ‘beat the savage’ out of them during the 1800s.  That leads to another…

Modern Day Caste System

Summary Peter and Phil continue last week’s conversation by discussing the book “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Isabel Wilkerson, the holocaust in Germany, and America’s past dealings with Slavery.  When does America take responsibility for its actions, and are we subconsciously participating in a modern-day caste system?  Discuss this and more on this…

A Mother’s Love

Summary Peter and Phil sit down and talk the Thursday before Mother’s Day and pay homage to their mothers.  What’s a mother’s role and how did Peter & Phils’s mothers impact them in their upbringing and where they are now?  Join us this week.   — Send in a voice message: Transcription

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Peter Weinstein

Peter has two dogs: Bruce and Wiblet; Two kids: Brianna and Brooke; & one wife, Sharon

Phillip Nelson

Phil has four grandkids: three kids, and one wife. He’s waiting for Peter to catchup.

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful conversations. Inspiring, thoughtful, and thought provoking.


    1. Thank you for joining us! We appreciate your feedback, Suzanne!


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